About WWTC

13%, only 13% of go players in France are women players. The causes are large, and the solutions probably not very obvious.
To start by showing that these women players, they exist, and that despite their small number, they are just as talented!

Putting them forward, whatever their level, is helping them to find their place in clubs and federations, but also encouraging the arrival of new players.

The principle of WWTC is a festive online event opposing teams from all nations. Originally a French idea, it is however open to confrontations without France !

A country makes up a team of 3 to 8 players, and challenges another nation, which makes up a team as balanced as possible, to make each match interesting for the players.
The games are played on OGS over one or two days (KGS in the first editions) in 45 minutes + 3x30 sec byo yomi.
The two nations organize the live commentary of the parties as well as the communication around the event.

The creator of the initiative offers tools and advice to facilitate the work of preparation and organization, do not hesitate to contact her before organizing your own WWTC!